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Packed with vitamins, this fruit acid peeling boosts the skin’s natural radiance and stimulates collagen production, promoting the skins natural regeneration, giving it a smoother and finer texture by refreshing the complexion. Made of 98% natural ingredients.

Peeling Mask with Fruit Acides

  • Organic Coconut Water: hydrates, tightens pores, antioxidant, restructuring.


    Organic Hamamelis floral water: promotes microcirculation to reduce redness and unify the complexion.


    Algae extract: regulates skin pigmentation for illuminated and sublimated skin.


    Cryoextract of wild Arctic berries: detoxifying action.


    Fruit acids: glycolic acid (cane sugar), lactic acid (blueberry), tatric and malic acids (maple sugar) and critical acid (orange and lemon) for keratolytic action. Gentle and natural exfoliation of the skin.

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